If you want to look your best for any occasion, then you should understand the five bad habits that can ruin your appearance at work, school or out in public. When you have one or more of these bad habits, you must make a few changes to look better.

Poorly Fitting Garments

When you are shopping for clothing, it is essential to try on the garments in the fitting room. Make sure to grab several different sizes while you are shopping because you can’t always wear the same size. Each clothing manufacturer uses different patterns for clothing, so by trying on a variety of sizes, you can find the blouse or skirt that fits properly. Avoid wearing clothing that is too tight because it leads to a poor appearance, but at the same time, wearing garments that are too big will make you look overweight.

Messy Hair

Your face is one of the first things that someone notices about you, and if your hair is a mess, then you won’t look good despite wearing a stylish outfit. First, make sure to wash your hair frequently, and also, use a comb or hairbrush to avoid having messy hair. When you have an unattractive haircut, visit a beauty salon to have an evaluation to determine what type of style is best for your face shape and hair texture. You can also have your hair colour changed with dyes so that your overall appearance improves.

Wrinkly Clothing

If you throw your clothing over a chair or onto a pile on the floor, then your garments will become wrinkly. When you buy clothing, look for garments that are easy to wash and dry so that you won’t need to iron the clothes. If you do have slacks or shirts that are wrinkled, then take the time to press the garments with a warm iron or use a steaming device that eliminates ugly wrinkles. Also be sure to look for high quality clothes that you can wear easily that always looks classy and fashionable.

Improper Makeup Use

Makeup can help you to look better, but you must understand the proper colours of foundation, blush, and eyeshadow so it can work well with your skin tone and actually look good. Sometimes, it’s easy to overdo it with your look, especially if you’re having fun with all the colour and styles that you can be using. Go for subdued, natural looks during the daytime. If you have an occasion, go all out if you want, but be sure to pair it well with your outfit and the theme of the event. There are plenty of beauty tutorials out there to help learn new routines, and if all else fails, there are aestheticians who can help you find your best look.

Forgetting to Brush Your Teeth

When you have poor oral hygiene, you run the risk of becoming rather unappealing - whether you look good or not. Bad breath can be highly unappealing. You should brush and floss your teeth regularly, but you can also use an oral irrigator to blast away food debris that collects between your teeth and along your gums. Also, make sure to use a tongue scraper to remove bacteria from your tongue so that you ensure that you have fresh breath all day. If you have dental problems such as chipped or stained teeth, then visit a dentist to have your teeth repaired or cleaned professionally.


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