Most of us are used to seeing knit jumpers around, whether we realise it or not. They are usually pullovers, have a noticeable weave to them – sometimes even a cable-knit pattern – and they are much thicker than even the heaviest of shirts. Cashmere jumpers, on the other hand, are a bit different.

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Cashmere jumpers, though often much warmer than regular wool jumpers, are not much thicker than a shirt. They are tremendously soft and comfortable, and will give you a lovely cosy feel. Once you have one, you’ll want more. And once you have more, you’ll benefit from some tips on how to wear them well. Here is some information and a few ideas:

Facts about Cashmere

  • Cashmere wool comes from goats originally from the Kashmir region, but now found in Mongolia and other areas.
  • The finest under-hair is used for high-quality cashmere garments.
  • The annual production of 3-4 goats is required to make one cashmere jumper.
  • No animals are harmed when harvesting the wool – it’s like a haircut.
  • Processing of the wool is done mainly by hand.
  • Longer and finer hairs are signs of higher quality.
  • Washing cashmere garments takes extra effort, but often airing them for 24 hours is enough to remove any odour, so they don’t need to be washed every time they are worn.

You can learn more about what cashmere is here.

Choose the Beige Cashmere Jumper – A Classic

If you want a sophisticated look – without freezing to get it – then try a beige cashmere jumper in two or more plies. You’ll be comfortable and look great indoors and out with this classic, timeless look.

Cream cashmere sweater with jeans width=

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Vary the look with a turtleneck, crew or V-neck style. Set off a favourite chain or string of pearls, or even let the plush fabric of the garment be the star of the show. It goes with more formal wear, being quite comfortable in a smart-casual atmosphere, but also works well above a pair of well-worn jeans or even shorts. Heels, trainers, or sandals can be a great accessory to the look as well. Don’t be limited by the posh pedigree and reputation of cashmere – if you take advantage of its versatility, you’ll stretch the value of your purchase even farther, making it an excellent investment and addition to your wardrobe.

Mix it up with a V-Neck Cashmere Jumper in a Masculine Style

You may not have a husband or partner with a roomy cashmere jumper in the wardrobe, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get the same trendy look. Pick up an oversized cashmere jumper in XXL and your femininity will be highlighted against the masculinity of the piece. You’ll swim in it, and highlight your smaller size as a result.

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Besides that, it will look great. Comfortable, confident, and chic, it will allow you to show peekaboo views of whatever you’re wearing underneath – a tee, a cami, or whatever. It hangs down low enough to function like a short dress, allowing it to suit jeans, tights, leggings, or skirts – wherever your whim takes you on a given day.

Combine the big, baggy cashmere jumper with smaller, tight inner layers, and play with the colour combos in a subtle way, and you can really highlight chic, straight lines and your natural curves beneath a great-looking cashmere showpiece.

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A Twist On the Black Turtleneck Jumper

From Steve Jobs to Leonard Cohen to Donna Karan or the Kardashians, the humble black turtleneck can be found in a very wide range of not-so-humble settings. The reason? They simply look great!

The cashmere wool in deepest black will seem to soak up the colour and absorb light, drawing the eye to its richness and elegance. And this is true if it’s worn above a thousand-pound, glittering skirt or a pair of time-worn blue-jeans. Pair your black turtleneck with culottes, trousers, boots, sandals, trainers or pumps, and it won’t let you down in any situation.


Grey Mock Neck Cashmere Jumper +  Dark Blue Cuffed Skinny Jeans

Grey cashmere jumper and blue jeans

Take a look at this combination for business casual or a stylish night out with friends. A grey, mock neck cashmere jumper, sleek and fitted, paired with really dark blue skinny jeans and cool black ballet heels. The overall effect is one of effortless style and sophistication.

Navy Blue Wool Blazer + Cashmere Jumper & Plaid Mini Skirt

For use in a more professional setting, consider a navy blue wool blazer over a cashmere jumper and a monochrome plaid mini skirt with black leggings. Layers are the key here, and the addition of a navy blue coat and suede ankle boots will only add to the comfort and style of it.

The final effect will be a look that exudes cheerfulness, professionalism and competence. It will show that you are a beautiful, fun woman with real skills and the ability to get things done.

Grey V Neck Jumper + White Slim Fit Jeans

When the end of the week has finally come, and with it Casual Friday, you can soften things up with this simple grey and white outfit. The grey V-neck cashmere jumper, not too fitted, is the star of the show, with great supporting players like a pair of white-cuffed slim fit jeans and comfy loafers. A stylish handbag will add a hint of sophistication and edge to the look.

Blush Pink Half Sleeve Cashmere Jumper + Blue High Waisted Jeans

When you feel like highlighting your traditional femininity, without compromising your favourite style or look, a simple trick is to add a hint of pink to your outfit. A blush-pink, half-sleeve, fitted cashmere jumper is a great choice. You can wear it over a pair of blue high rise slim fit ankle jeans with strappy suede heels to complete the outfit. Simple. Feminine. Modern.

White Chunky Cowl Neck Cashmere Jumper Dress + Thigh High Boots

For a little more warmth and higher style, try a cowl neck cashmere jumper mini-dress over stockings. It’s a high-class look that doesn’t compromise on comfort.

A cashmere jumper worn as a dress


Add a pair of thigh-high suede boots to punch it up with a bit of drama and you’re ready to take on the town. The look is strong, very feminine, and can be set off with a variety of different accessories to vary it up for the next time you wear it.

Blush Pink Fitted Jumper + Leopard Print Scarf

Take a walk on the wild side with a cashmere jumper, in blush pink, complemented by a black and white leopard-print scarf. Play up the whimsy of it with a pair of ripped jeans in grey-blue and some open-toe suede short-boots in black.

Light Grey Longline Wool Coat + Cowl Neck Cashmere Jumper

Another look that takes its style from skilled use of layers begins with this long, cowl-neck cashmere jumper over a white and grey plaid oversized shirt. The outer layer, a long wool coat in chic grey, bring a sophisticated feel to it, while a pair of ripped jeans keeps it real and down to earth.

Black Jumper +  Leopard Print Scarf & Light Blue Jeans

Another look that incorporates a note of fun, is this black mock neck cashmere jumper, relaxed fit, above a pair of light blue ripped skinny jeans. A leopard print scarf and camo-printed ankle boots show your fun side and put a youthful spin on this otherwise classic look.

Light Grey Form Fitting Cashmere Jumper + Red Pleated Mini Skirt

This grey, fitted cashmere jumper above a pleated skater mini-skirt in red is a way to do ‘casual’ without losing flare or style. Black leggings and grey suede strappy ballet flats round out the outfit, and highlight the subtle combination of sophistication and casual comfort. You’ll do Fridays right in this top-to-toe winner.

Grey Long Sleeve Crew Neck Cashmere Jumper + Black Skinny Jeans

Cashmere jumper worn with black jeans

When work is over, and the plans are for a relaxed, casual time alone or with friends, pick out a grey crew neck fitted jumper – in comfy cashmere of course – and pull on a pair of beloved skinny ankle jeans. It’s minimal, comfortable, and easy. Add a pair of black ballet flats and you’re done.

Grey Wrap Jumper + Black Leggings

When you want to include a note of sexiness to your outfit, without going overboard or missing the mark, try a lower-neck, fitted cashmere sweater in grey with a pair of slimming black leggings. A simple choice of black ballet flats or similar finish off the look. The outfit shows a bit more skin, but in a classic manner that hints at your sensuality without shouting it.

Grey Mock Neck Jumper + Knee Length Skirt

When you have a business casual fashion need, but want to be at your ease too, try this light grey mock neck cashmere jumper over a light grey straight cut knee length wool skirt, or tailored wool trousers. A pair of light-grey ballet heels will tie in with the rest of the outfit, displaying a variety of soft textures in monochrome grey, touched off by the addition of a black leather purse or similar to add a touch of contrast and focus.

White Mock Neck Sleeveless Cashmere Longline Jumper + Leggings & Boots

For a casual look that brings a note of drama with it, pair a long-line sleeveless mock neck cashmere jumper, in white, with a contrasting pair of black leggings. Knee-high black suede boots will go well with this look too, and you won’t help but be noticed – in a good way – when out and about in this comfortable, stylish and artistic look.

What else can go with a Cashmere Jumper?

 Cashmere scarf and jumper

Some other common accessories to a cashmere jumper include a cashmere wrap or a cashmere scarf, which are often chosen by those with sensitive skin to wool.

You may also wish to choose a cashmere hat during the colder winter months to protect your head (see more about winter packing in Europe here).

If you want to know how best to care for cashmere clothing then click here.

A great alternative to a cashmere jumper is to choose a cashmere poncho.