Alpaca vs Cashmere: What are the Differences?

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There is no good reason to be cold, just because the air around you is. Invest in a good jumper and you’ll be cosy and comfortable even when the mercury drops and the winds begin to blow.

We all know that cashmere is a great product, but how does it compare to something like alpaca wool?


Cashmere rose to its current prominence in the 1980s, and for the last fifty years it has reigned supreme as the most luxurious material for jumpers, scarves and shawls… and even jackets and sweatpants!

The manufacturing practices are very strict and carefully maintained to ensure the final product lives up to the hype of being ultra-soft, light, warm and good value for the (considerable) money charged for it. The very best on offer is made up of the longest (at least 36mm), thinnest, whitest hairs from the under-layer of the goats’ fleece.

Though the increase in production (mainly from China) over the last thirty years has meant a loss of some of the aura of exclusivity cashmere used to enjoy, it is still the go-to fabric for soft and light comfort when shopping for cold-weather luxury garments.

You can learn more about cashmere here.


The attributes of alpaca wool are similar to those of cashmere, however it is not produced in the same large volumes because it’s less popular.

The processing techniques are similarly intensive, the industry is also sustainable (as, like cashmere harvesting, it doesn’t harm the source animals), and the South American origins are sufficiently exotic to appeal to European and North American connoisseurs of rare and unique items and fabrics. Just ask Giorgio Armani, Loro Piana, Nanette Lepore or Max Mara – each of these high-end fashion empires have embraced the use of alpaca wool in their own designs and creations.

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