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Fashion is cyclical. What is trendy in one decade is outdated in the next decade. While it can be a lot of fun, the constant changes in fashion trends can be tiresome. Is it possible to be fashion forward without having to keep up with the trends? Absolutely.

1. Choose neutral colors

Bright colors and eye-catching patterns can be big indicators of what fashion decade you are living in. Color and pattern trends change annually, if not more often, and if you can't keep up, you’re going to regret only getting those colors. One of the best ways to avoid these mishaps is to choose clothing colors that have more neutral, muted colors. Classic colors like like black, white, navy, and sheer pink are timeless. Select a classic black blouse with white ankle pants, or a navy pinstriped button down and nude heels. You will realize that you won't appear trendy, but rather, classically fashionable.

2. Tailor your clothing

There is a certain “je ne sais quoi” about a woman who tailors her clothing. Although subtle, wearing clothing that fits exactly with your body's measurements makes you appear more put together, and simply classic. Consider that tailoring your clothes will last you in the long run, in comparison to purchasing fast fashion trends that die out as fast they become popular, and are a bit more problematic than they seem.

3. Avoid "too-trendy" clothing pieces

Speaking of trends, a good rule of thumb is to avoid the trendies, fast-fashion pieces. Do you notice that every lady you see seems to be sporting a certain type of top in varying colors and designs? Avoid it. This is a sign that the trend is peaking in its popularity, and you will age yourself if you happen to wear it long after the trend is over. If you want to incorporate trends into your wardrobe, incorporate them in subtle ways such as accessories, or certain tops that you think will age well as the trend dissipates.

4. One Word: Cashmere Wool

What makes cashmere wool so special? For one, this type of wool does not come from sheep, it comes from the cashmere goat. This wool is softer, finer, lighter, and more warming than sheep's wool. Cashmere, due to its texture and luxurious connotations, gives out that has-it-together vibe. You can wear cashmere in so many ways, but the most common way to wear it is simply as a cashmere sweater or cashmere wrap. Add a string of delicate pearls, and congrats, you have created a lovely persona.

5. Invest In “Timeless Pieces”

When we say timeless pieces, we mean the classics. Think little black dresses, the classic trench coat, a leather handbag, and a silk scarf. These are just some of the examples, as there are plenty more. But the aim here is to build wardrobes that will include pieces that can be worn over and over again, due to the quality of the garments, as well as the style. They might not be the latest trends, but you’re never going to be called unfashionable wearing timeless items.