A cashmere sweater is a timeless piece, that has been a wardrobe staple for years, and will no doubt continue to be one in the foreseeable future. If you care for your sweater correctly, you should get many years of life out of it. Italy in Cashmere sells high-quality cashmere jumpers, made from 100% pure and authentic cashmere fibres, which means they will last longer than cheaper alternatives.

How to make your jumper last as long as possible – proper care

The first thing to consider is careful washing of the jumper. You should look to use the “delicates” setting on your washing machine, which will ensure it doesn’t go through shape altering temperatures. You shouldn’t use any overly strong detergents, instead opting to go for a specialist wool detergent. If you are hand washing your garment, some people even use baby shampoo.

To correctly dry your cashmere sweater, you should reshape it while it’s wet, and then let it air dry naturally while lying flat.

Storing your cashmere sweater should be done in a cool and dry drawer, ideally folded gently to retain its shape. Hanging in your wardrobe is the next best option, but make sure you use a specialist hanger for this and don’t use the thin wired or plastic hangers as these can distort the shape (gravity isn’t kind). When you’re storing your cashmere, you should ensure it’s not left next to anything with zips, buttons or anything else that could snag the fabric and damage your jumper.

For your highly priced jumpers that you don’t often wear, or for the summer when you may not be wearing them as much, you should store the sweaters in garment bags, opening them every three months to release any moisture. You can also enhance the longevity of long term storage by using mothballs or cedar balls, which keep pests at bay.

For fine detailing or hyper delicate sweaters – go for dry cleaning. A good dry cleaner will ensure nothing is damaged during the cleaning process, and keep all of the intricate detail intact. Moths also hate the smell of dry cleaning chemicals, so this can help with long term storage items even more.

Dry cleaners are also recommended for any item with stains on.

For general long term use, it’s best not to wash your cashmere jumper too often, as this will naturally wear the material. If you haven’t sweated into the fabric, or been in any harsh smoky conditions, then usually airing out the jumper or using a freshening spray can allow you to wear it multiple times without washing.

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