Moths have an affinity for eating delicate fabrics like wool, silk, cashmere, and natural fur.

For years, people stored their clothes made of these materials in mothballs. While it does discourage insects, it does leave a distinctive odor on clothes and are full of dangerous chemicals.

Do you want to protect your fine fabrics?

Try one of these natural alternatives:


Before the invention of mothballs, most seasonal clothes were stored with cedar chips. Cedarwood has a pleasant scent that these insects simply can’t stand. Because it keeps moths at bay, storage chests and wardrobes are often made from cedar. You can get the same preserving benefits by hanging cedar sachets with your stored clothing. It also comes in wooden blocks that you can place in storage containers.

Essential Oils

Do you want to keep moths away from your delicate clothes without needing to rewash them? Some of your favorite essential oils are also powerful insect repellers. Choose oils such as arborvitae, cedarwood, or rosemary, and apply it to cotton balls. Place them in various places of your closet or shelves. You can also use put dried herbs in a wiffle ball or sachet to put in the closet or seal up with your clothes. When you take your things out of storage, they will have a refreshing scent.

Vacuum-Packed Bags

With new storage technology, you can save space and keep your fabrics safe from insects. Vacuum-pack bags come in several handy sizes and can be purchased inexpensively in most department stores. Put your fine blankets, coats, or clothes in the resealable bag. Place your vacuum hose in the bag’s valve, and suck out all the air. It compresses your items tightly and gives you more room when storing them. For an extra punch, add a fresh herb sachet to your vacuum-packed clothes.

Natural Moth Traps

If you store your sensitive fabrics in a wardrobe, you may consider using natural moth traps. There are several brands available. These non-toxic, odorless traps use natural pheromone oil to lure male moths away from your clothes. When the moths enter the trap, they get stuck and die.. When the trap is full, all you do is pitch it. Most of these ingenious moth traps will last approximately twelve weeks. You do not need foul, hazardous mothballs for preserving your favorite seasonal clothes. Consider some of these remedies to combat the insect issue. Clothes, blankets, and coats will be as fresh as when you put them in storage.