As spring arrives, you might find you want to avoid wearing a heavy winter coat, but at the same time, the temperature continues to fluctuate. In order to stay warm and cosy, but still break out those spring style, you can accessorise! It is possible to remain warm on a cool spring day without wearing your thick winter coat. Here are some ideas to get you started in the wardrobe turnover.


Choose Cardigan or Pullover Sweaters

When the weather is cool on a spring day, wear a pullover or cardigan sweater to stay warm. To look tie it to your warm-weather look, be sure to choose pastel colours rather than wearing the navy blue or black sweaters from autumn and winter. 


Select Boutique Style Dresses

Spring is a fantastic time to wear dresses, but make sure to choose garments that have thicker fabrics that are designed with gathers or pleats. With a longer skirt length on a dress, your legs are covered to maintain warmth. In some cases, you can layer a boutique dress with a long-sleeved shirt to keep your arms covered. Hope Ave features some great lengths for a cooler day that will keep you feeling Spring-like.


Buy Warm Cashmere Wraps

You can add a cashmere scarf or wrap to any outfit to keep warm on a cool spring day. It is easy to wear a soft cashmere scarf with a dress, sweater, or T-shirt to provide an additional layer of fabric without dressing down your outfit. Cashmere scarves are made in a variety of styles, including long narrow items or large rectangles, and you can also find an assortment of colours of scarves. 


Buy a Fiberfill Vest

Rather than worrying about wearing a coat, buy a fiberfill vest that only covers your torso. Most fiberfill vests are made with zippers, making the garment easy to put on over your T-shirt, blouse, or sweater. You can keep one of these garments in the trunk of your vehicle to wear while walking at the park after work to keep from clashing from your outfit indoors.


Knitted Hats

You can lose a lot of body heat from your head when it is colder, so buy a few beautiful knitted hats to wear. You can find knitted hats in plain colours or in interesting designs. Wear a knitted hat early in the morning or in the evening during the spring season. You can even find beautiful cashmere designs that not only look good, but won’t frizz your hair as much.


If you choose high-quality accessories that are made in classic styles, then you can use the items for many years, making them an excellent investment for your wardrobe year-round.