How to take care of your beloved Cashmere wool items

Hand washing (better)

Pure cashmere wool garments should be hand washed only, with high care without stressing fibres and with a limited cleaning agent use. We advise not to wear the item for 2 consecutive days and to let it “rest” for one day at least. Prepare basin and fill it with room-temperature water and just a little quantity of cleaning agent (without making foam), sink the item inside out and delicately massage it. If there are some stains you should use a cotton rag soaked with a delicate cleaning agent and dab it on the item, without stroking. Rinse off massaging and lay the item on a white towel. Place a second white towel above the item and roll all up making water transferring from the item to the towels. After that air the item and spread the fibres to eliminate eventual folds. Spread the item on a horizontal drying rack above a towel, never close to some heat source or direct sunlight. Wait for it to be dried. Once dried ironing shouldn’t be necessary but, just in case, use just a slight vapour jet from 5 cm distance. Wait for cooling down before folding and insert an anti-moth in the lower fold.

Washing machine (be careful!!)

Given that pure cashmere item should be washed with the procedure explained above, we can understand that you could be in a hurry and you couldn’t spend half a day to wash your dear cashmere item. Don’t worry, you can wash it also with the washing machine but strictly following these simple rules: use a very delicate program, very little quantity of cleaning agent (delicate and special for wool), NEVER USE SPIN CYCLE.


After a normal use of the item, movements and strokes, it is possible that some unsightly balls of fibres (common name “pill” or “bubble”). THIS IS NORMAL: it is enough to remove them manually or with a delicate clothes brush or a wool razor.

General care

For a long last during years we recommend using an anti-moth product, especially if your item would stay in the wardrobe for a long time. We advise, when the “annual wardrobe change” takes place, to put your item back to its case.