Cashmere ponchos

Elegance and sophistication with one piece of clothing – that’s our poncho range for women. They’re perfect for layering up while remaining stylish on cold days.

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100% Pure Material

These ponchos are made from 100% authentic, pure cashmere wool, the softest material you can get for a garment of this style. They feel luxurious, and are perfect for add a bit of winter warmth to your wardrobe.


Here are some common enquiries about our range:

How can I clean them?

The best way to clean your this type of clothing, is to hand wash it. This is because it won’t get knocked around and it’s less likely to have the threads pulled. If you must machine wash it, then please use a side mounted drum, add it to a mesh cage, use a delicate low temperature cycle, and use cashmere friendly washing powder.

What should I wear with it?

In the autumn time, you can couple a poncho with high boots and leggings, to create a warm yet lightweight outfit. You can also couple a lighter coloured poncho with darker jeans and heels, to have a more professional look that still keeps you warm. During the winter, you can match it with a scarf, undershirt and long trousers to keep you cosy.