Finding the best accessories for your outfit can be complicated, especially with so many changing fashion trends and styles constantly entering the market. Thankfully, one fashion accessory that has been around for years and tends to be a timeless piece to add to your closet includes cashmere wraps. Not only are they a fashion favorite, but they consistently add style and comfort to every outfit you wear.

However, owning one and knowing how to wear a cashmere wrap properly are two different stories. While there are hundreds of ways to style your wrap, knowing the most fashionable will ensure that you're finishing off the fall months in 2021 with the chicest fall outfit. 

Whether you're pairing it with jeans and a t-shirt or looking to get dressed up for date night, these are many ways to wear your cashmere wrap that will add the finishing piece to any outfit. In this article, we've put together our top five favorite ways to style your cashmere wrap as we head into crisp fall days.

Simple Drape

A cashmere wrap in coral red worn as a simple drape

One of the most classic and simple ways to wear your cashmere wrap is to simply allow it to drape around your neck without adding any additional twists or ties. It's important to ensure that it hangs down on both sides equally to complete your outfit's look and add symmetry.

Wearing the simple drape is a perfect way to add an elegant touch to any outfit, whether you're trying to style a blouse and pants or want to add a special touch to your favorite casual weekend outfit. The best part about the draping style is that anyone can do it! There's no need to follow complicated directions or learn how to create a specific type of knot. Instead, you'll be able to complete this look in a matter of seconds.

One Shoulder Drape

A cashmere wrap in coral red worn as a single shoulder drape

This style is a personal favorite for many who want a change from the simple drape style. If you wish for your cashmere wrap to create a statement, you'll want to use a one-shoulder drape. Not only is it elegant and flattering to wear, but it's effortless to achieve. 

To get the one-shoulder drape look, all you need to do is take your cashmere wrap and lay it over one shoulder, so it covers one-half of your body. Then, take the other part of your cashmere wrap and push it around your neck, so the end sits on your backside or the side of your body.

The best way to wear this look is with a t-shirt and jeans, or a dressier outfit. If you enjoy using neutral colors, you can use a brightly colored cashmere shawl to create a statement, as it will cover more of your body and show less of your outfit.

Over The Head Drape

A cashmere wrap in coral red worn as an overhead drape

On cold days, you might find yourself looking for a way to stay warm without having to compromise your style. Using a cashmere wrap is a simple and easy way to keep warm and fashionable at the same time.

Similar to the one-shoulder drape, you'll want to take your cashmere wrap and lay it so that it covers one-half of your body. However, instead of placing it around your neck, you want to lay it around your head, placing it on top of your head and shoulders almost like a veil. Next, you'll want to take the end and tuck it over your original shoulder to finish off the look.

This creates an extra layer of warmth around your neck, ensuring that you have plenty of coverage from the cold winds or cooler weather. Using a cashmere travel wrap is the perfect way to stay comfortable and cute, regardless of the weather forecast.

Poncho Style

A cashmere wrap in coral red worn as a poncho

An alternative to the simple drape or one-shoulder style is the poncho style. The benefit of this style is that it provides the ultimate warmth, which is perfect for chilly days. However, it does cover your entire outfit, which means it should be worn to complement your pants, or as a statement instead of to show off the shirt underneath.

To wear your cashmere shawl in the poncho style, you'll simply want to take your cashmere wrap and place it over both arms. Then, you can choose to either lie it over your back or even create a loose tie in the back to create a style with less movement. This look is perfect for wearing over a dress or blouse. However, it's most commonly worn in non-formal settings, such as a relaxing night out with friends.

Traditional Knot Style

A cashmere wrap in coral red worn with a traditional knot

One of the most popular and well-known styles to wear your cashmere travel wrap is to wear it in a traditional knot. To do this, you'll take the end of your cashmere shawl and tie it around your neck with either a simple knot or a loose tie.

This style is perfect for when you're looking to add some extra warmth around your neck area and can be styled with a winter coat or bulky outfit. It adds the ideal amount of personalization to any outfit without over-accessorising.

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