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Pure Cashmere Ribbed Knitted Slouchy Beanie Hat in Army Green


76,45 €

A fabulous and generous ribbed slouchy hat in Army Green which will keep you warm in the fall/winter season as well as in the early spring.

SKU: C100-004-128
Stay warm with this unique cashmere ribbed slouchy hat in army green. An outstanding winter headwear made of 100% pure cashmere with a timeless rib knitted design. Your best friend during chilly days of fall and winter to keep you perfectly warm and yet soft and tender on you. A high-quality headgear made in Italy and shipped worldwide. Our pure cashmere rib knitted slouchy beanie hat will keep you warm during your Sunday stroll or any outdoor activity.

Dimensione 28cm (lunghezza)
Colore verde militare
Materiale 100% Cashmere
Titolo filato 2/28
Stile Puffo
Stile maglia a coste
Taglia Taglia unica

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