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A story of passion, dedication and innovation.
“To expertly craft the world’s top-rated cashmere into amazing modern-day styled knitwear that would earn worldwide recognition in terms of quality and aesthetic appeal. “That was Alfonso’s goal about 40 years ago when he founded his little laboratory near Florence in Tuscany – Italy, it was a small room equipped with a couple of knitting machines, two hands, one brain, and a great passion for creating high-quality knitwear on small productions basis.
Over the years, we have developed tremendously in different ways, especially after Simone, Alfonso’s son took a bold step towards upholding the tradition and prestige of the family business in making luxury knitwear out of pure cashmere wool, always maintaining the “Made in Italy “ worldwide appeal. In an effort to express his readiness to reach out to potential customers and to meet up with their demands for high-quality cashmere knitwear, he established Italyincashmere.com in London, UK. Where he lives. Today, Alfonso’s and Simone's dream has fully materialized.
We are directly linked to the family business and also closely interact with manufacturers around Tuscany, centre north of Italy and all our potential customers to give them a whole new customer service experience by delivering our luxury Italian cashmere products directly to your doorsteps. By avoiding the usual supply chains we are able to offer really high quality in a simple factory-to-consumer bypass.
Italy in Cashmere pure cashmere wrap detail with label


Profit is not everything.


We ensure that all the materials are sourced from within the European Community (packaging is also made in the UK). This way, we express our readiness to comply with the laws and human working conditions with respect to the individuals involved in the delivery of your purchase. Our company's policy is strongly against child labour, slavery and prison labour.

Environmentally Friendly

Italian law considers it a very vital issue when it comes to measures required to preserve our planet. For this reason, Our manufacturers are made to understand and comply with the strict emissions thresholds and waste recycling duties as well as work with state-of-the-art waste management schemes and we personally put their laboratories under check before sourcing.


We are an Italian-based company and have been thriving in the industry for quite a long time during which we have been able to explore all the nooks and crannies of Tuscany, specifically that triangle that goes from Pisa to Florence to Siena in the process of sourcing for quality products and deliver to our customers. Here the textile production business is well-rooted and most of our partner manufacturers are family-run businesses.

Refining a pure cashmere wrap in bordeaux colour