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How to Wear a Cashmere Jumper

Simone 4 Aug 2019 10:19:04  0 Comment


Most of us are used to seeing knit jumpers around, whether we realise it or not. They are usually pullovers, have a noticeable weave to them – sometimes even a cable-knit pattern – and they are much ...

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What PLY is Best for Cashmere Clothing?

Simone 3 Aug 2019 08:09:32  0 Comment

There are several factors involved in the making of a high-quality cashmere garment. As well as the quality and source of the wool itself, there is the strength of the thread, the thread count, and th...

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Female Winter Packing List for Travelling in Europe

Simone 5 Jul 2019 13:41:50  0 Comment
Winter in Estonia

Certain countries are known for harsh winters – Canada, Russia, Norway – and sometimes travellers forget that the cold creeps pretty far south in the winter, and travelling in Europe can mean the need...

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How long do cashmere sweaters last?

Simone 18 Jun 2019 11:00:08  0 Comment

A cashmere sweater is a timeless piece, that has been a wardrobe staple for years, and will no doubt continue to be one in the foreseeable future. If you care for your sweater correctly, you should ge...

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How to Guide to Remove Sweater Pills?

Simone 17 Jun 2019 11:38:26  0 Comment

Pilling occurs when fibres of the fabric break, get tangled together, and wind up in little knotted balls along the surface of the garment. Pilling makes the garment look less attractive, and can affe...

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