Women’s Cashmere Wraps

Luxury cashmere wraps made from 100% pure authentic cashmere. The finest quality, made by hand in Italy, shipping directly to your door. We have wraps available in a range of colours and shapes to suit your style.

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Black cashmere scarf

Black cashmere scarf


100% Pure Cashmere

Our products are made from 100% pure cashmere, ensuring the finest quality possible, that’s both soft on your skin and lasts for years with the proper care. Prestigious clothing that you can rely on.

Perfect for a Birthday Gift

These are perfect for a birthday gift, with the 100% cashmere quality feeling wonderful for anyone who opens the gift of a scarf or shawl. The soft wool fabric is knitted with modern techniques, while still being inspired with classic fashion in mind. You could also wear these at a wedding for extra winter style.


Here are some common questions about this type of product:

What is a cashmere wrap?

These are similar to a large scarf, but made of wool that’s a lot thinner, but still retains its warmth. It is also known as a shawl, pashmina, stole, or travel wrap.

How do I wear one?

There are a few different ways you can style your wrap while wearing it. The classic way is to position it centrally, then wrap it around your neck once, creating a classic scarf look.

Another way is to create a loop with one end and push the two ends through it, creating a shorter more tidy style.

In the colder winter months, you may also wish to create a Snood with it, which can be done by wrapping the wrap around your neck twice and tucking the ends inside.

Washing Instructions

Hand washing is usually preferable to anything else, as it puts the least amount of strain on the fibres. However if you have to machine wash it, then make sure you use a side-mounted machine, put the garment into a mesh bag, wash on a delicate cycle and with cashmere friendly detergent.

You can learn more about caring for it here.