Chic Winter Outfit Ideas To Stay Warm and Stylish

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Some people think that the fading of summer means a fading of the wardrobe too. Bright, fun dresses and sandals are put away and, if care is not taken, wardrobes can turn gloomy, frumpy and boring.

But it doesn’t need to be this way!

Woman in the snow with a cashmere jumper

Dressing for colder weather can even mean more opportunities for style and personal expression.

Think of the possible combinations: boots, trousers, tights, blouses, jumpers, coats, scarves, hats, gloves… even earmuffs and other winter accessories can be a lot of fun.

Add to this the multiple combination possibilities that layering provides, and you’ll have a whole new wardrobe palette and toolbox for the chilly season.

Here are our top ten tips for chic winter fashion:

1. Make Sure You Watch the Weather

Keep an eye on the forecast and dress for comfort and preparedness. If it isn’t going to be cold enough for a scarf and Russian fur hat, there’s no joy in carrying them around with you. Likewise, you won’t look very chic if you’re shivering uncontrollably or tucking your face down into your coat for a little relief from cost winds or rain.

Bring what you need, and leave at home what you won’t.

Commuters in snow

2. Take Good Care of your Winter Pieces

Winter clothing usually costs considerably more than summer wear. A few pounds can get you a pair of sandals that will last a season, or a light garment that suits fair weather, but when it comes to something suitable to driving rain, snow, wind and cold, you’ll want to invest a little more. That additional investment also means that you’ll want to keep each garment for several seasons before replacements are needed.

Protective sprays for suede and other leather items, brushes for some fabrics, waterproofing for footwear, and timely repairs (such as re-heeling shoes when they first show signs of failure) are essential to keeping your winter wardrobe looking new and elegant.

3. Try and Use Your Common Sense

Put away your open-toed shoes, gossamer-thin frocks, and lace-trimmed blouses – they’re for the hotter months. Let them spend the winter in hibernation and emerge as a lovely surprise when spring passes and summer returns. In the meantime, use up your wardrobe space with items that suit the weather.

Rich, luxurious fabrics, soft cashmere, comfy stockings and knit dresses… these are the joys of colder months. Make sure you have something stylish that blocks the rain, too. Trying to get by with off-season clothing not only risks damaging the clothing, but it also risks your own health and comfort.

Sensible clothing can still be – should still be – stylish and chic.

4. Be Very Pick with your Hemlines

Winter ground is often wet, often muddy, and can wreak havoc on an otherwise pristine item of clothing. Always make sure that hemlines are high enough to protect them from the elements. Winter footwear is typically very forgiving in this regard, allowing for higher hemlines and chic looks to coexist nicely.

5. Have 2-4+ Coats To Choose From

A coat will be among the most expensive winter garments you’ll want to buy – but even so, don’t limit yourself to just one. Giving yourself the choice of two or three different styles of coat will allow you to tie in the rest of your outfit to your outer layer, giving each item in your wardrobe two or three additional ‘looks.’ Vary the length, fabric, colour and style – it’s an investment well worth the cash.

Womn in winter coat

6. Carry a Bag (always)

It doesn’t have to be massive, but it should be big enough to carry the extras you’ll want on hand in the winter months. Maybe this means a pair of gloves and a scarf in preparation for the late-afternoon temperature drop. It might mean an umbrella for that expected drizzle. Winter also means a few additional skincare items, like chapstick or moisturiser. A warm hat, just in case, is a good idea even with decent forecasts on the horizon.

If you have a long enough commute on a train or tube, you may want to bring a bag to hold your warm clothing in, that you can fold up and pop into a handbag once you need to put the garments back on for the walk to work.

7. Stay On Top of Your Make-Up

Whatever your style – lots of make-up or the bare essentials – you’ll want to keep them at hand at all times. Wind and rain combine to clean makeup from your skin (or worse, move it around a little), and when you come in from the elements, you’ll want to be able to tidy up your look. Caring for skin as it is exposed to cold and precipitation is also important.

A bit of concealer, some wipes (for mascara), a small mirror, and lip balm are essentials every winter handbag should have.

8. Invest in a Good Umbrella

If it weren’t for the wind, any old umbrella would do just fine, but add in a gust or two, and most of the cheap umbrellas will bend, buckle, and flip themselves into a useless tangle of wire and wreckage. Especially if you want one that will collapse into a small unit for storage in a handbag, you’ll want to spend the money on something strong.

9. Dry Everything Properly When You Get In

Few things are as miserable as pulling on a damp garment and heading back out into the cold and wind. As soon as you get into the office, or arrive back home, hang up your damp garments. If possible, place them beside a radiator so that they have that added warmth when you pull them on… it will start every journey with a comfy smile.

10. Bring a Good Hat – and USE it!

‘Hat head’ isn’t a great look for anyone, but neither is ‘frozen head.’ A loose-fitting hat with some style to it is far better than letting the wind and cold work your hair over prior to arriving at work or a social event. Get the right hat, and you’ll not only be comfortable and confident – but your hairdo will survive just fine beneath it.

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Women's cashmere hat with pom pom

Bonus! 8 Ways to Wear Dresses in The Winter

Sometimes trousers suit, and sometimes they don’t, but when the weather is cold and we’re just not feeling the trousers look, is there anything we can do?

Yes, of course there is.

The free, comfortable feel of dresses isn’t just for the warm months. Consider these cold-fighting fashion tips for the next time you’re wanting to wear a dress, but winter is turning up the chill factor.

1. Dress + Long-Sleeve Turtleneck

Pull a dress on over a turtleneck and suddenly those open sleeves and wide neck are showcases for the cosy fabric of another garment. Add some booties and a structured bag to the look and you’re ready to go.

2. Dress + Black Tights

This is a staple move for those who want the look of a fun skirt or dress without freezing the legs. Don’t try this with a longer dress, as it will look frumpy, but with shorter hemlines it will up the sexiness factor without going too far, and you’ll be toasty warm too. Black is a classic choice, and for good reason: it shows off any colour dress worn over it, slims the legs, and doesn’t show any small stains or splashes you might encounter in the slushy outdoors. Colours work too, but avoid neon-like hues or summery colours, as these will not look nearly as chic in the winter as rich, luxurious colours that are tied in some way to the rest of your outfit.

3. Dress Under a Cashmere Sweater

Pull the right jumper over your dress and you’ll feel the freedom without sacrificing the warmth. Even a frumpy-ish jumper with chunky boots will go well with slimmer tights and a lighter-weighted dress. Casual, warm and fun, this look will suit an afternoon of fun and socialising.

You can shop our range of cashmere sweaters online here.

4. Dress + Midi Sweater + Long Coat

A long coat over a midi dress will allow you to be wrapped-up warm while outside but peel away the outer layer once in the warm. It’s a chameleon-like outfit that allows for instant transformation between warm and cold outfits. Show a nice set of heeled boots underneath it, and the chic is complete.

5. Dress + Black Trousers

Tights aren’t the only thing that can work under a dress in the winter. A pair of trousers paired with trainers or short boots can be a great look too, and be very practical. If you need to be out on the street in the snow and sleet, this might be the outfit for you.

Avoid bellbottoms or loose-fitting trousers. Go instead for a heavier material, form-fitting and even with a hint of the rugged about it – denim can even work, especially if the colour complements the dress.

6. Dress + Over-the-Knee Boots

One of the main issues with wearing a dress in winter is the wind against your legs… so why not block that wind entirely with a pair of over-the-knee boots? Leather, suede, or faux boots will keep your legs cosy while showing just a little gap between boot-top and hem. The look will bring all the beauty of the dress, all the drama of the boots, and you’ll be comfortable when the wind howls.

7. Maxi Dress + Colour-Coordinated Coat

A black maxi under a coat of the same colour will create a layered look that will keep you warm without making you look thick or frumpy. A leather coat, or something longer if it’s really cold, will do the trick and can easily be removed once indoors. Don’t let it get too bulky, and add flats to the look for a more casual feel.

8. Dress + Faux Fur Accents

Part of being cosy is looking cosy, and faux fur is a great way to look great and feel warm without harming any little fuzzies in doing so. A fur jacket, a fur hat, or fur trim on boots or gloves can really work wonders in the cold. Don’t overdo it though, it’s one thing to accent a look; it’s another to go full bigfoot!

Whatever your personal style, and whatever the weather, there is a look that will work to keep you warm, chic, and ready for anything winter has to throw at you.

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