There is cosy. There is comfy. And then there is downright comfortable. Like your bed on a rainy morning, these things are virtually impossible to leave once you’ve tasted their embrace. And because comfort varies from person to person, maybe you’ll disagree with this list. But that’s okay, because this is my nonobjective list of the most comfortable things in existence.

Fresh Laundry

There’s something utterly indescribable about the pleasure of burying oneself in a pile of laundry straight out of the dryer. Toasty warm, soft, and enveloped in a cloud of fabric softener fragrance, this must be the essence of bliss. Who cares if I’m getting the laundry wrinkly? If humans could hibernate, I'd fill my den with magic laundry that always stayed warm. I mean, electric blankets are cool and all, but...

Fuzzy Socks

Fuzzy socks and slippers are just...AHHHH. Let's be honest, we all would wear fuzzy socks in public if it were socially acceptable (Ugg boots almost got us there). Our feet are free to breathe without restriction while still cushioned by a cloudlike layer of fluff. And there's no better protection from cold floors first thing in the morning.


Picture your perfect tropical vacation. Is there a hammock somewhere? Of course there is! Hammocks are the most comfortable item of furniture ever created. After all, they successfully combine two of the most relaxing things in the world: swinging and laying down. Laying flat on our backs allows for rest and relaxation while the hang of the hammock provides a gentle rocking motion that makes for the perfect napping spot.

Real Fur Pillows

There is nothing quite as comfortable as a real fur pillow. Although there are faux fur alternatives, nothing can really capture the feeling of genuine fur. The pure softness and smooth texture feels like you are floating on a cloud. After a long day of work, resting your head on a real fur pillow is a little slice of heaven.

Hot Water Bottles

Have you ever filled a water bottle with hot chocolate and then cupped your hands around it to let its warmth seep into your bones? No? Then you should give it a try. When it’s cold outside and you can’t seem to get warm, a water bottle full of hot water will get you nice and cosy. You could also just take a hot shower, I suppose, but that requires getting undressed, and eventually stepping out of the shower back into the cold air...nope! I'll keep my hot water bottle, thanks.


Have you ever touched cashmere? If you can’t remember, you probably haven’t, because it’s an unforgettable experience. It’s stretchy. It’s soft. It doesn’t make you sweat. It’s a pity that cashmere is hand-wash only, because can you imagine what it would be like to snuggle in a pile of cashmere straight out of the dryer?? Ah well, I'll settle for an oversized cashmere jumper and a mug of cocoa. It's not really setting anyway, and there's tons of cosy cashmere wear to be found at Italy in Cashmere.